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Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs
Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs
Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs

We provide your event with a supporting programme!

Successful team building only works in inspiring surroundings – use your conference or seminar events to take the interpersonal relationships within your team to a new level. Fun and exciting events, creative incentives, and popular classics – with our diverse supporting programme, we pave the way for your company to succeed in the future.

Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Working together with the event experts from teamgeist, we can make your dream team event a reality. With emotional, interactive, and long-lasting methods for more team spirit – you can enrich your stay with us with versatile entertainment and lasting experiences. We would be happy to help you find the event that best suits your team and your goals.

Want some event highlights?

Escape Game . indoors . min. 1 h . year-round

The Missing Room: The perfect combination of solving puzzles and team building. As part of the team of investigators, you help solve the case as special forensics units. To do this, you have to collect clues at various locations, overcome obstacles, question witnesses, and draw the right conclusions. There are traps and secret objects – you only stand a chance of escaping if you work together.

Hotel and Conference Golf . indoor . approx. 2 h . year-round

You can master challenges together: With our mobile golf course, we transform the location into a unique and varied golf course and provide the necessary break during long and strenuous conference days.

Boßeln (ball throwing). outdoors . approx. 2 h . year-round

Socialise throughout the Boßel tour: “Boßeln” turns a long walk into a leisurely sporting activity. At the starting point, individual teams are formed, the simple rules of the game are explained, and the first ball is thrown. The ball is now thrown over the entire distance, as far as possible and in a way that it does not stray from the path. Which team will manage to reach the goal with the fewest throws?

We provide space

Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs
Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs
Teambuilding in Hanover and its environs
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