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Your conference hotel in Hanover
Your conference hotel in Hanover
Your conference hotel in Hanover
Your conference hotel in Hanover

We give you space. For ideas. For innovation. For development.

Your conference hotel in Hanover: No outside distractions, ultra-modern technology – everything you need is there… and more! We give your ideas room to develop and grow. Lay the foundation for your next successful project at our hotel in Lehrte, the innovative conference centre for forward-thinking, distinguished companies.

Our conference rooms

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 5
Tagungsinsel MEDIAN FÜNF .

High-quality technology for the meeting of the future: a dream for video conferences

Leading the…

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 4
80 people
Conference complex MEDIAN FÜNF .

The car-accessible room: the trendsetting stage for your event

Our car-accessible conference room…

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 20+21
40-120 people
Conference complex well&fit .

A view outside: space for new ideas with nature in sight

Design with attention to detail,…

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 6-8
60-200 people
Conference complex MEDIAN ZWEI .

The “Raumwunder”: area of inspiration for up to 200 people. This room can be combined.


Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 1+2
24-80 people
Conference complex MEDIAN EINS .

The coworking area: a feel-good space that inspires the exchange of ideas.

An ultra-modern…

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 16-19
178m² + 120m² foyer
Up to 120 people
Conference complex MEDIAN VIER .

The “Kubus”: space to develop, indoors and outdoors

Hire a completely self-contained conference…

Your conference hotel in Hanover
Room 10
50 people
Conference complex MEDIAN DREI .

Interactivity made easy: teamwork at the whiteboard

A light-flooded dream room with a digital…

How we ensure that your conference is a success

  • High standards: We preserve and create values and give you room to develop.
  • Sustainable roots: We work with the region – and for the region.
  • Refined: At the conference hotel in Hanover, as well as at the Median Hotel Hannover Messe, we attach great importance to the highest level of quality, individual care, and an optimised range of services.

We provide space for innovation, create room for ideas, and offer a place of retreat without outside interference – no matter the company size or the situation, we are quick to find a tailor-made solution for you.

- Oliver Klamt – General Manager -
Your conference hotel in Hanover

THE seminar hotel in Hanover

Creativity refers to the ability to create something new – and our conference hotel in Hanover offers an innovative environment in which new ideas grow. We firmly believe that all of us, staff and guests, together create the special atmosphere of the Median Hotels. We create an environment that allows guests to concentrate exclusively on the things that matter. As discreet but present facilitators, we provide the necessary comfort and inspire with a sustainable way of thinking.

Your conference hotel in Hanover

We provide space: your conference hotel in Hanover

It is human nature to long for space. At Median Hotels, we provide this space – and contribute productively whenever needed. Our guests appreciate that we are always available and that everything (and more) is taken care of at our hotels. There is time for the essentials, time for focus, concentration, or relaxation in a place where you can realise your vision without outside distractions. We look forward to welcoming you to your conference centre in Hanover soon!

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